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Buddha's Third eye

Buddha's Third eye

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You may have come across many Buddha statues and Buddha heads in which a small hairy dot appears between the eyes of the figure. This particular dot is known to have existed in many statues and stupas in the iconography from different nations such as NepalIndiaBurmaThailand, etc.


If we go through the teachings of the Buddha, or the Buddhist teachings, hatred, delusion, clinging and greed cause suffering in the world. The Eightfold path of the Buddha has been a great way of ridding oneself of these traits and obtain a higher peace in one's life and reality. Buddhist symbols for greed include mirrors, eyes and the power of the vision. The eyes of the Buddha reminds the followers of Buddhism to have ethical behavior, practice meditation, make ritual offerings and have the feeling of generosity in life so as to let go of the greed from their lives.

Belief of the Third Eye

In the same way, the dot, which represents the Third eye of the Buddha for the Buddhists, was adopted by the followers of Buddhism as well as Hinduism and Taoism in various Asian countries. The Buddhists take the Third eye as the symbol of spiritual awakening of knowledge and wisdom. While the Hindus have a belief of the third eye being a channel to the inner and hidden power, the western symbolize the third eye as the symbol of second sight or clairvoyance.

Meaning of the Third eye


The third eye in the statues of Buddha and Buddha head statues represents an abstract concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception of the reality beyond ordinary vision of the people. It signifies the entrance which leads us to the true and inner reality of higher consciousness. Generally, in modern spiritual philosophy, the third eye usually represents a state of enlightenment or awakening which evocates the mental images and brings our deeply personal, spiritual and psychological significance. Often related and associated with religious visions, the third eye is believed to indulge us to improve our extrasensory perception and brings out our ability to observe the vibes, precognition and even supernatural experience.

Activating the third eye in oneself is a tough accomplishment but not an unachievable one. It is possible through meditation. Mastering the art and practice of meditation will gradually help us to activate the pineal gland and the pituitary body. This not only teaches us to relax but also helps us to open our mind to limitless possibilities. Once this is achieved, clairvoyance can be reached. People who are known have the capacity to use their eyes due to tough practice of meditation are sometimes known as seers.

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