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The Buddha is known all over the world for his teachings about spiritual awakening after he attained enlightenment while meditating under a Bodhi tree in ancient India. His teachings have been widely acknowledged and revered as his teachings have helped mankind to move forward toward the path of inner truth behind life and death. Even today, 2500 years after his death, the principles of his teachings have been likened and followed by millions of people. This level of following has been matched only by few leaders and the Buddha has been represented in many forms so as to pay respect to him and be inspired to be like him. One of those media of representing the Buddha and his knowledge are Buddha head statues. It is rather believed that by observing the calm gaze and serene expression in the Buddha heads one may find a way to unveil the mysteries behind inner peace and personal happiness. The Buddha heads are symbol of awareness, knowledge, confidence and concentrated meditative practices. Each and every part of the Buddha heads symbolizes the hidden meaning behind Buddha and his vast knowledge. For example, the ushnisha represents his knowledge while the third eye of Buddha symbolizes the all seeing ability of the Buddha, the long earlobes of the Buddha suggests the prosperous life he had as a prince, etc.


The Buddha heads are one of the most sought after Buddhist artifacts as they perfectly represent the knowledge the Buddha had, so it is natural that Buying Buddha heads can be pretty difficult to do as finding a perfect Buddha heads for anyone to buy or inherit is difficult. They are special iconographic representations of the Buddha as it is believed that the head of the Buddha is the most important part of the Buddha's body. This is the reason behind carving of such Buddha heads in many Buddhist nations like Burma, Thailand, Nepal and China. The carving of such sculptures have been carried out from ancient time and such antique Buddha heads are considered a lot more special given that they have survived the test of time and carry their own story behind them. Buying Buddha heads may help you move forward in the path of spiritual enlightenment as they can act as the source of inspiration and knowledge for anyone. So where can you buy Buddha heads of your own choice, especially if they are antique Buddha heads?

Buy Buddha heads from our gallery

Buy Buddha heads for you which serve as a very important reminder to carry on you spiritual practice and awaken the inner truth behind your life. With regards to their origins, speciality of the antique Buddha heads in our gallery have been taken as one of the highest standards as per our customers' satisfaction. With guaranteed customer satisfaction, Buddha heads have been able to create the biggest collection of rare and antique Buddha head statues which are completely authentic and are legally imported from many Southeast Asian Buddhist nations, mainly Burma and Thailand. With each of our travels (which are held every few months in a year), we have been able to search and collect the most special and rare antique Buddha heads for our gallery as we have been able to establish wonderful relationships with many personal colectors, Buddhist monasteries, temples and Buddhist art dealers whi are willing to part with their prized Buddha heads. So there remains no question of the authenticity when you Buy Buddha heads from us.

We are proud to be in the possession of the biggest and largest Buddha head statues which are antique and rare. If you are interested in buying Buddha heads which are antique, special and rare, visit us in our gallery and Buddha garden in Netherlands. Also, you can visit our online Buddha heads gallery through which you can choose the perfect Buddha heads for you to buy or even buying Buddha heads as a gift for your loved ones.

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View our Buddha head statues in our gallery

Andesite stone Buddha head

750 euro

Special antique bronze early-Ayutthaya Buddha head

5,750 euro

Special antique marble Burmese Buddha head

5,200 euro

Special large antique marble Buddha head

8,500 euro
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